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Kettlebell Clean and Press

To perform this exercise correctly see the video and description below.


The Kettlebell Clean and Press can be performed with a one or two kettlebells.

  1. Clean:
    1. Pick up the kettlebell as if doing a one-armed kettlebell swing and swing it back between your legs.
    2. Swing the kettlebell up to the rack position at the chest in one smooth movement.  Rack position is with the bell on the top of the bicep and forearm, the elbow in to the body, the wrist straight, and thumb at the chest.
    3. Drop the kettlebell back between your legs and repeat for reps.
    4. Tips to a successful clean:
      1. Don’t dip your knees when racking the kettlebell.  The knees should be locked out, the quads, hips, and glutes extended and squeezed.
      2. The kettlebell, elbow, and torso should become one at the top of the clean, with the shoulders pressed down.
      3. The hips should drive this movement and the arms should stay loose.
      4. Keep the grip loose to allow the kettlebell room to move.
      5. Keep the kettlebell as close to your body and centerline as possible.


    1. Clean a kettlebell up to rack position
    2. From the rack position ensure the body is tense and press the kettlebell straight up by pushing your body into the ground, away from the kettlebell.
    3. Pull the kettlebell back down to rack position
    4. Tips for a successful press:
      1. Press with your knees locked, core pulled in, hips extended, and glutes tight.
      2. Keep your pressing shoulder locked into the lats.
      3. Lock your elbow out at the top of the press.
      4. Always keep your forearm positioned perpendicular to the ground.
      5. Do not finish the press with your arm pressing against your ear, there should be space.