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Kettlebell Headcutter

The kettlebell headcutter is a clean and press movement using a single kettlebell.  To perform the headcutter follow the technique in the video or read the description below.

  1. Begin with your body and kettlebell in the deadlift position.
  2. Using both hands in the overhand grip on the kettlebell, quickly pull the kettlebell straight up to chest height.
  3. As the kettlebell approaches chest height quickly move the hands from the top of the handle to the bottom of the sides at the base of the kettlebell and catch it in the squat position.
  4. Immediately stand up and press the bell overhead taking care to keep the eyes forward and pushing your head through the window of your arms so your ears and arms end up even with each other.
  5. Return the bell to the ground, or transfer hands back to the top handle of the bell to continue reps using the swing method.