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TRX Rotational Drop

The Rotational drop is a full body exercise using the TRX in single handle mode.  To perform the exercise correctly see the video and description below.  For more information on set-up and use of the TRX see our TRX Tips page.

  1. Set up the TRX in single handle mode at about waist height.
  2. Grab the TRX with one hand in an overhand grip and position the body as if preparing to do a one-arm push-up on the TRX.
  3. Take the opposite hand and lightly grab the TRX handle in an underhand grip for support during the movement.
  4. If the TRX is being held in the right hand perform the movement by lowering the chest down as if doing a push-up.
  5. As the chest approaches the TRX handle rotate the body around the left side of the TRX and complete a full rotation of the hips and feet by lowering the body under the TRX.
  6. Complete the movement by simultaneously rotating the body and first pulling then pushing with the arms to return to the starting position.