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TRX Scorpion

The TRX scorpion is a rotational core exercise using the TRX in single handle mode.  To perform this exercise correctly see the video and description below.  For more information on TRX set-up and use see our TRX Tips page.

  1. With the TRX in single handle mode and with the straps extended to approximately 6-12 inches above the ground, put one foot in the TRX with your body in the prone position.
  2. Raise yourself up to a single-footed push-up position then bend your free leg at the knee.
  3. Leading with your knee, rotate your torso so your knee goes underneath your leg.
  4. Then leading with the foot of the bent leg rotate your torso the opposite way so your foot goes above your leg.
  5. Repeat as necessary then lower your body back down to a prone position on the ground.